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Water Float Hammock Adult Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool Floa we are a team of professionals who are working hard to provide you with the best products at the best prices, delivered to your door as soon as possible. [Package amp; Size] Fabric Size:46.9×25.6 inch; Pre-sorted thread cardboard, 11CT Pre-printed cotton fabric, High-Definition pattern, pre-sorted embroidery thread, 2×needles, 1× English Instruction amp; after-sale service guide card. We provide 33% more threads than enough. [High-Quality Cotton Thread] 100% Ecology cotton floss that is more brilliant in color and softer, finer, more Skin amp; Eco-friendly and more durable than ordinary threads, together with exquisite workmanship, elegant style, smooth suede, full touch, beautiful appearance, soft gloss, make your Cross Stitch more vivid and durable without fading. [Pre-Printed amp; Easy to Stitch] These Maydear cross stitch kit are stamped with Nontoxic amp; Washable dye. Accurately pre-printed pattern, easy to follow instructions as well as Arab numbers, symbols and corresponding number make the cross-stitching work very easy and fun learning for kids, adults, beginners and advanced stitchers, it also bring a lot of pleasure to our life. The positive grids prevent your eyes from being tired. [Three strands of thread should be used] We use 11CT standard threads. One thread is composed of 6 strands, so you need to divide the 6 strands into two 3-strand lines before you work.Please use 3 strands of thread for full stitch and 2 strands for back stitch. After finishing, put the pattern in warm water for 20 minutes, then make it dry, and then you can make a frame for it as you like. If you ran out of the threads, please contact us anytime and we will provide anything you need for free. [Ideal decor amp; gift] It can be a home decor amp; a really unique, meaningful, irreplaceable gift for your family, friends amp; colleague, and the Cross Stitch artwork will bring you/them an enjoyable time and such a sense of achievement when you/they finish the work. Product Description Let time slow down and feel the beauty hidden in the details of life. Use fingertip art to decorate every little corner of life. It can be a home decor amp; a really unique, meaningful, irreplaceable gift for your family, friends amp; colleague, and the Cross Stitch artwork will bring you/them an enjoyable time and such a sense of achievement when you/they finish the work. The color is clearly identifiable. New technology laser positioning. The color code is clear at a glance. Save time and energy. Embroidered cloth Stable quality, square grid, good toughness, long storage time, soluble printing and dyeing. Cotton thread The texture is tough, the cotton thread is smooth, the color is bright, not easy to break without hair, and the color is stable. Illustrating The drawing characters are clear, easy to distinguish, full-color printing, high-quality coated paper. Blunt head embroidery needle The blunt gold tail embroidery needle is not easy to hurt your hands, and the thread hole is easy to thread. Suitable place Restaurant Living room Children's room Corridor Max 63% OFF Arts, Crafts Sewing => Needlework => Cross-Stitch I haven't cross-stitched in years and didn't realize that there are stamped kits out there until now! I wasn't sure if I would like the stamped kit, but for the price, I decided to try it. I'm sure glad that I did!The color/pattern key is printed on the fabric itself, so that when I'm on the go, I do not have to take the paper pattern key along with me. It reminds me of a paint-by-numbers, except that I'm stitching, instead of painting.Other people who purchased the kit have complained about there not being enough thread to complete the project, but I have found that they included a little more than enough. I don't have a TON of leftover thread, but I have not yet felt worried that I would run out before the project was completed. If I do happen to run out, they DO include the DMC number, so you could easily go to a craft store and purchase additional thread.The instructions are obviously translated over from another language, but are fairly simple to understand. They include instructions for both stamped canvas, and non-stamped (blank or "counted") canvas.The thread and canvas are of good, sturdy quality. I only had one thread break on me, and I think it was my fault from when I was separating threads (perhaps I was a little too aggressive with it).Unlike previous kits that I have purchased, the thread in this kit comes pre-sorted on cards, with the colors matching the corresponding pattern number.They also included 2 needles.There is no need for an embroidery hoop with this kit, as the canvas is quite stiff and as long as you do not pull the stitches ridiculously (and I mean aggressively!) tight, the canvas retains its shape.For the price, I feel that you honestly can't beat the hours of enjoyment I have already gotten out of this.I am not quite finished with the project, but wanted to get a review out there. I will edit my review once the project is completed. I am very curious to see how the stamping washes out at the end. :)**I have not been paid to write this review. This is just my honest opinion on this product**I used to do counted cross stitch. My old eyes can no longer do counted. The stamped cross stitch is perfect. So easy. Any beginner can do this. I had enough floss. The background colors all washed off when I completed the stitching. Many people are confused by the colors on the canvas not matching the floss. They are not supposed to match!!! Please read the instructions. Others are forgetting to soak the canvas in lukewarm warm water when completed. All the lines and all the pattered colors will wash away.I'm disappointed with this kit. The design and thread colors are nice but the stamped pattern is difficult to follow in several places. A couple of the colors appear to have bled together and in many areas they are not lined up. So I've had to refer to the included paper chart. I'm not sure if you can tell from my picture but the colors are up to half a square off. And they're not consistent! So I can't assume the pattern is 1/4 square off. Lol. The last kit I bought was precision printed. I only had to refer to the paper chart once! I'm disappointed with the stamped pattern of this kit but I'll still finish the project. I'm hopeful it will look nice when I'm done. I will say that a couple people seem confused. The colors of stamped patterns on cross stich kits don't usually match the actual thread. They are more distinguishable so they're easy to follow. Additionally, you are supposed to soak the cloth after you finish as the lines and stamped pattern will wash off. Fyio as I haven't gotten to that stage yet. I bought another kit by this company and will check it carefully before I start!I've haven't done cross stitch in years so I thought a beginning kit made sense to get back into it. I love the flowers in the picture and the printed flowers do look exactly the same. My problem is that the canvas, which isn't actual canvas, has blue graph lines all through it. That isn't shown in the picture which has a plain background. The directions aren't really directions. It says on the front of the package double strand but it doesn't say anywhere in the directions how many strands per color.I wanted to try my hand at the new hobby; luckily this was the first kit that draw my attention. As I began to do more research into cross stitching, I have realized that not all canvases have printed design on than. This one does have color coded design printed on the actual fabric. It is turning into such a beautiful and colorful piece. I am satisfied.I was looking for something to do while sitting at home in 2020 and I came across this. So perfect for my mom as a gift for just being her. I figured it would keep me occupied for a long time. It did, indeed. When I finished, I followed the instructions and this is the end result, minus the ironing part because I seemed to have done enough damage with the second to last step.Hours and hours and days it took to complete this, which was the point. However, I could have cleaned my house and had a better end result. Also, it does not come with enough string, (unless you want to sit there and test your patience even more picking the strands apart to create more strings, but less thick and full effect). I am thinking of stitching '2020 is the worst' on the bottom. So disappointing.This is my second cross stitch project ever and I enjoyed doing it. There was plenty of floss and quite a bit leftover when completed. Most of the floss was very good, but I did have problems with one color that raveled badly and I wanted to tear it out and start with new floss. The printed pattern did not always match the holes and was confusing for a beginner like me. I did have to tear out a section and rework it as I became more proficient. Still had lots of floss to do the correction. Colorful Cat turned out pretty cute in the end. My friend was delighted to receive it as a gift. Maydear Cross Stitch Kits Stamped Full Range of Embroidery Start Max 89% OFF Water Float Hammock Adult Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool Floa Up to 30% Off Outlet Styles 100%
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Max 89% OFF Water Float Hammock Adult Inflatable Portable Swimming Pool Floa Up to 30% Off Outlet Styles 100%

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