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Dallas Mall WERTSDF Car Dash Dashboard Cushion, Dashboard Carpet, Dashboard Super popular specialty store

Creative Acrylic Hanging Wall Mounted Fish Tank, Hanging Bowl Fo Pet Supplies => Fish Aquatic Pets => Aquariums Fish Bowls There are a lot of bad reviews on this and honestly I think people were expecting more and didn't bother reading the description of this item. Yes it is small but not to small if all you have is 1 maybe 2 goldfish or a betta. For goldfish its just like your basic fish bowl and goldfish are hardy fish that can live in this kind of environment just fine. For a betta as long as the temperature in your home doesn't stay below 70 it should be ok without a water heater. Bettas are kept in vases with plants growing out of the top all the time. One or 2 of any other small fish that don't require a water heater would do fine as well. With all that being said just read the specs on this tank and do your homework on what fish would do great in small fish bowls and go from there. This worked great for me for a goldfish that I didn't want in my big fish tank anymore and couldn't get anyone to take it.I really like these. The only problem I had was that there are no instructions at all, no pictures, no words, nothing. If you look on the Amazon description, there are instructions on how to install the drywall anchor, but that’s it. So, in case you’re wondering, the little white thingy and the super small nails are there to add support to the bottom of the bowl.... as far as I can tell. Anyway, they’re staying up, no leaks, no worries. They’re easy to take down when/if needed. And they look awesome.I wanted a light weight, waterproof bowl and got one! I want this as an accent piece. As advertised, thank you.This is so easy to clean and looks great on the wall.Definitely adds some uniqueness to your living space and brings plenty of compliments. My fish died so I'm now using it for plants. R.I.P. ???? So fabulousPerfect for work Good product, delivered on time. Love these great price to WERTSDF Car Dash Dashboard Cushion, Dashboard Carpet, Dashboard Dallas Mall WERTSDF Car Dash Dashboard Cushion, Dashboard Carpet, Dashboard Super popular specialty store Cheap Outlet With 100% Top Quality Guaranteed we are a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers in more than 190 markets around the world. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. ???? HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL AND EXTRA BACK PROTECT FILM DESIGN: This wall-mounted aquarium is made of high-quality acrylic, clear as glass, has an attractive, high-clarity design. The back was stocked with plastic protect film, just in case of scratches, you can take it off if you want a clear background. ???? VERY EASY TO CLEAN: The opening in this hanging fish bubble tank is large enough to fit a hand inside if needed for cleaning or maintenance. So It is so easy to clean for most people to put hands/cleaning tools In there. ???? EASY TO INSTALL: This wall-hanging fishbowl has a small hole on the top and will also come with a wall anchor and nail. You can choose one of them to drill In the wall and easy to hanging It. ???? VARIOUS ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This Wall Mounted small aquarium is great for small spaces like kid's rooms, offices, a housing of other small creatures. At the same time, fake plants, Nails. colorful stones, fishing net included. ???? AFTER-SERVICE: Any cracks or damages caused during the transportation of this bubble-shaped wall betta fish tank after receiving the product, please contact us freely, we could provide resend or refund for your satisfaction. Product Description Actually, this tank is a little small for fish, but a live plant idea is great for your apartment wall! It's perfect to use for a planter for the succulents carnivorous plants or the air plants, water planter, overhead windows, or hanging on the wall. Someone use this as more of a wall plant hanger; Someone filled it with soil and grew a flower in it; Someone uses it for plant cuttings; Someone grows moss balls in it; Someone who likes doing sewing can put rolls of thread or buttons in there... It could be aesthetically pleasing if it was just going for planted tank looks but not for a fish. These Fish Bowl Will Make Your Wall Interesting And Full Of Vitality! SIZE - INNER DIAMETER : 19cm / 7.7 inch - OUTER DIAMETER : 23cm / 9.0 inch - THICKNESS : 10cm / 4 .0 inch FREE ACCESSORIES - PLASTIC DECORATIVE PLANTS A variety of plastic decorative plants are presented at random TIPS: Better in water FREE ACCESSORIES - CLOLRFUL STONES Two kinds of color stones, big and small, crystal clear, make the space full of vitality! TIPS: Color stone + water in the sun looks better FREE ACCESSORIES - SMALL FISHING NET If you use the creative acrylic hanging wall mounted fish tank to raise fish, this small fishing net is an indispensable right-hand assistant! FREE ACCESSORIES - 3cm Long Nails and U-radiant Nails INSTALLATION METHOD - FIRST - nail this wall anchor in a flat wall you want. - SECOND - hang this fish tank with the hole up to the wall anchor, and now, you have a small fish tank! (This wall fish tank has a small hole on the top) 1x Plastic decorative plants colorful stone 1x Small fishing net 1x 3cm Long Nails 1x U-radiant Nails PACKAGE PROTECTING FILM When you receive this fish tank, the back was stuck with protecting film, just in case scratches. TIPS If you can take it off if you want a clear background. PP BAGS PACKAGE The wall mounted fish tank are packed in PP bags separately to avoid scratches. TIPS Please rest assured that we will be responsible for our products and service. SUPPORTING PARTITION Put the supporting partition in the packing case to prevent the product from being damaged due to extrusion during transportation! TIPS In case of any damage during transportation, please tell us as soon as possible.
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